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My Approach 



I can customise your treatment to suit your personality and where you are emotionally. Different people respond to different things and I see each person as unique.

I’ve spent years working with clients across a range of backgrounds, who have come to therapy for support with a range of issues.  These include anxiety, depression, low self esteem, as well as trauma and recovering from abusive relationships.

I provide a safe, confidential space where you can process your life. 

I will support you to explore and work through situations, thoughts, feelings and behaviours, which maybe making life difficult. I will guide you with compassion to heal yourself so you can increase your wellbeing and self esteem. 

Therapy will help you to reflect and make changes which will encourage a more positive outlook on your life.

Motivation, energy and drive have always been a big

part of my life. Let me help you to find yours.

I am a kind and caring therapist and work with mind and body together.  

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